The 3rd Bedfordshire International Systemic Spring School

This year’s Systemic Spring School will be held this year in the beautiful Lake District.

Chris and Patrick at play

I’m excited to be co-hosting a conversation with participants with my long time friend and mentor, Chris Blantern, exploring how people keep their personal values alive at work. We thought it would be fun to learn about this phenomena through an art-based exercise, i.e., showing each other what it feels like through the use of images.

For some, the trend for non-profits to be more business-like is necessary to ensure survival and sustainability – a no brainer. For others, marketisation or what’s been called advance capitalism may be antithetical to our own ideology, values and beliefs. According to one healthcare practitioner, the biggest challenge in the NHS is discerning how to go on in an ideologically contested and politically regulated context.

We invite you to a conversational space where people can share, reflect and co-create meaningful ways of keeping personal values and beliefs alive at work.

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