Let the ‘data’ collection begin…

So glad to say that my frantically re-written and re-submitted doctoral proposal has been approved. As such, I am in the process of setting up appointments with research participants. Let the data collection begin!

As I do this, I have been thinking about how to explain my doctorate in as few words as possible. Here’s my latest rendering:

Most organisation scholars are agreed that managerialism today is rooted in a particular belief system. There is consensus that it continues to be informed by enlightenment thinking (rational positivism) and neo liberalism (a form of right wing ideology). And yet, it has become the universally accepted form of organising, regardless of pre-existing organisational values. Given that ‘how we see’ the world (epistemology) and ‘what we see’ (ontology) is intertwined and influenced by underlying assumptions, my study is about what social realities are co-constructed when managerialism becomes the dominant organising discourse in the third sector – so called because of their different values and vision.


Rather than exploring this social phenomenon through the binary lens of critical theory, I will instead be using appreciative and art-based inquiry to explore how employees in five different faith-based organisations are making sense of, living with, and co-creating value/s congruence in the context of managerialism.

I am hoping that these appreciative, ‘future forming’ conversations with participants will create a potpourri of unique, visceral, aesthetic and spiritual insights on how to engender thriving and healthy workplace communities in workplace communities increasingly influenced by ‘out of field’ but nevertheless constitutive assumptions of managerialism.

Patrick Goh, 17 January 2017

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