Managerialism with a smile is still managerialism

“I’m not here to make any friends. The process is not personal. It’s business. She is ruthless. She’ll walk over anybody, chew them up for breakfast and spit them out. That’s what I like about her.” Alan Sugar

“There’s the difference between us. You believe in friendship, I believe in leverage.” Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad

I really don’t like the television programme The Apprentice.


It’s a celebration of managerialism… a modern form of social dominance.

It insidiously spreads the notion that organising based on neoliberalism is the only form of leadership.

Some say that it is only a bit of fun, a caricature.

People tell me “lighten up”.

Real life leaders are not as authoritarian. In fact many are actually nice.

While tis the season for naughty or nice,

Managerialism with a smile is still managerialism.

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