An image-text reflecting on my doctoral research


One thought on “An image-text reflecting on my doctoral research

  1. Well, this is interesting,Pat, Your image-text popped up on my tablet where it’s bit fiddly to write responses, but the words most obvious then were “For now we we see in part” but today on my computer screen it is the “through a glass darkly” that really stand out! I am assuming that it is the medium that is different but of course it could be me on a different day!!
    You asked for comments about the image and for me it is like looking at something I want to read but haven’t got my glasses on. Bookcases are so interesting….well the books in them….I think I recognise some of the titles but can’t quite see the words. Looking forward to being with Jesus for ever and seeing him face to face will be amazing. Sometimes I feel that as I get older the glimpses of Jesus get harder to see not easier…as with my eyesight …slowly needing stronger reading glasses (or bigger text) to see what s on the page. I much prefer this translation than the one about seeing a reflection in a mirror (NIV).
    P.S. I heard a fascinating account on radio 4 the other day from someone who organises the books in the bookcases for films and period dramas etc….making sure the right books are in the bookcase reflecting the character and the period the film is set in. Not enough to have a copy of e.g. Pride and Prejudice but it needs to be the right edition….both age and price bracket. fascinating!

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