In my job (HR), I’ve had a myriad conversations about, and attended loads of workshops on resilience but I came across a quote from from Sheila Mcnamee and Ken Gergen today that nails it! However, they weren’t talking about resilience per se, they were talking about relational responsibility*!

Here’s what they said:

To live life at all is to confront conditions that are nettlesome, disappointing, irritating, and downright devastating. The problem then is not that we confront the problematic but, rather how we respond.

(Mcnamee & Gergen, 1999)


Here’s my eureka moment!

Resilience is a relational achievement, not an individual skill or competence that you acquire!


*Mcnamee, S. & Gergen, K. J. (1999). Relational responsibility [electronic resource] : resources for sustainable dialogue. Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; London: Sage,.

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