Christmas & New Year Reflections…

It’s been a long, hard and eventful year. If you are like me, you are probably feeling a bit down hearted about the state of the world, and alarmed at how the upheavals are no longer ‘out there’ in the big wide world but right on our very door-steps.

The cliche about what kind of world we are handing over to our children has never been so pertinent. With the terror alert for the UK at ‘severe’, the words, “dad, I’m going into London for the day” fills me with anxiety and a sense of foreboding.

However, as we approach the season for making resolutions, it’s probably a good time to remind ourselves that together, we can make a difference. Here’s some really wise words from my former tutor, Ken Gergen, (some call him the father of social constructionism, no less!). He says:

In the conflict-ridden conditions of the world today, it’s sometimes difficult to think positively. We each seem to live in our own small worlds, totally helpless to bring peace or relieve suffering in the big world. Yet, there is a way in which “the big world” is made up of just these “small worlds” in which we live. Making a difference in our own particular ways does add up.

How do we make the small worlds in which we live generate a better big world? Well, according to Susan Scott, “one conversation at a time.”

Wishing all my readers a wonderful, blessed Christmas with your loved ones, and many, many hope-filled, generative conversations that lead to beautiful consequences in 2016.

Patrick Goh


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