Learning as a state of continuous becoming

learnIn the face of relentless change, one thing is clear – today’s solutions will not solve tomorrow’s issues. To keep up, organisations need to learn how to learn.

In this connection, I came across a great article today about learning as a way of being. (See the link below.)  Three things struck me which I would like to share:

1. Continuous learning for a leader/manager means that they need to be in the state of continually becoming, a perpetual beta mode.

2. You can co-create learning in the workplace by nurturing a LWWL culture (I made this up!), ie, Learning is work, work is learning.

3. The post-modern turn requires a shift from “scalable efficiency” to “scalable learning”.

By promoting the three Ss – seeking, sensing, and sharing – you can help turn your organisation into a learning organism.

Seek: Finding out things that keeps us up-to-date.

Sense: Personalising/localising information and using it. Sensing includes reflection and putting into practice what we learn. It is a process based on critical thinking where we weave together our thoughts, experiences, impressions and feelings to make meaning of them.

Share: Exchanging resources, ideas, and experiences with our networks as well as collaborating with our colleagues. Sharing is a contributing process where we pass our knowledge forward, work alongside others, go through iterations and collectively learn from important insights and reflections. We build respect and trust by being relevant when we share to our social networks, or speak in front of a crowd.


by Kenneth Mikkelsen and Harold Jarche

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