Great article in the New Yorker about the futility of performance apprasials

I’m really grateful to my friend Dr Sarah Helps who pointed me to this article in the New Yorker.

If you’ve ever yearned to have something better than the traditional annual performance appraisals, this is a must read:

And if you are a glutton for punishment, do also read my thoughts on appraisals here and here!

I’m an advocate for “Just-in-time Conversations” [to my mind this is my unique phrase :)- ]. This is the art of having ‘in the moment’ collaborative conversations that co-create learning and a mutual sense of how to go on in the face of organisational opportunities, puzzles, problems, dilemmas and stuck-ness.

To my mind, it is far better to invest in training every member of staff on how to have generative conversations (and to co-create a culture for it) than to persist in an expensive, time consuming, emotionally taxing system that creates more angst than productivity.


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