Pairing the Nikon 1 J5 with the NIKKOR 28-300mm lens

Breaking news!

Having decided to ditch Aperture, I wondered whether Apple would update it to read RAW files from the new Nikon J5. I’m glad to say that I wasn’t in the dark for very long. I was relieved to see that Aperture was updated last week to support the Nikon J5 RAW format.

I recently purchased the Nikon 1 J5 for times when my SLR and its lenses were just too cumbersome to lug  around. However, the fact that I can use my FX lenses with this little beauty appealed to me. To do this, you’ll also need to get the FT 1 mount adapter. See my previous post for more information about setting it up.

I really wanted to see what kind of images this camera takes when paired with FX or DX lenses but couldn’t find any sample images online. Having gone for it anyway, I’m posting images I’ve taken in case it helps anyone with your buying decision.

A word to the wise

The thing I’ve learnt in my short time owning the camera is that once you mount the FT1 and an FX lens on the J5, it ceases to be a walkaround! Obvious right? However, this unique selling point can, and does, blind you to why you want this camera in the first place – a small pocketable walkaround that’s better then the camera on your smartphones.

The moment you bring the big boy lenses out with you, you might as well just bring your DSLR.

However, size notwithstanding, there’s a compelling ‘boys and their gadgets’ factor. Because of the 2.7x crop factor of its 1-inch sensor, the J5 turns the max reach of my 28-300mm lens to 810mm! Like I said, as soon as you do this, its no longer a small mirrorless but it does become a telephoto extender. I really wanted to see the image quality by taking images of the moon but since getting it, there’s been nothing but cloudy nights in London.

In the mean time, I set it up in my kitchen and aimed at my bird feeder like this:


Before too long,, Messrs Finch and Robin duly turned up for their photo shoot.



DSC_0126I hope this gives you some idea of the image quality you can get from this combination. At the moment, I’m having lots of fun experimenting  but I don’t know how I’ll feel once the novelty wears off. Weather permitting, photos of the moon to follow.

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