Relational Leading : Connecting the Dots

# 1 : Mutuality

PCG_8248Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not about how charismatic you are; whether you have a compelling or exciting vision; how much leadership skills you have acquired; or what leadership trait or qualities you are born with.

It doesn’t come from institutional power or even from the ownership of resources. In my view, what has come to be known as leadership from these discourses are actually forms of social control. Very often, they are time-bound transactional activities.

In relational practice, leadership and followership are intrinsically linked. There cannot be one without the other. There is a mutuality to it. An “in-othering”. It is an inter-relational activity. In this sense, relational leading can only be invitational and is brought forth when someone or some group willingly entrusts someone else  to be the curator of an ethical moral and/or functional authority. In this context, it is the follower, not the leader who determines whether “good” leadership is being exercised.

More thoughts to follow!

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