From Ambleside to Boracay

It’s taken me a while to recover from an exciting but exhausting two months. In this time, I’ve had my vista literally and metaphorically widened by amazing moments with systemic practitioners in the Lake District of England and with aid & development colleagues in the Philippines. This was topped off by the proverbial icing on the cake (the nyonya variety of course) – spending time with dear family and friends in Singapore en route home to Blighty.

The phrase ‘roller-coaster journey’, while cliched, is about right.

During this time, I had the immense, but surreal, joy of being in a play based on the recently discovered transcript of Mikhail Bakhtin’s doctoral viva staring John Shotter as Bakhtin and Ann Cuncliffe (as his wife)… had my heart broken listening to stories of utter devastation and personal tragedies caused by Hurricane Yolanda… and been inspired by what the local heroes are doing to help their people rebuild their dwellings and communities in the aftermath of this disaster.

I’d like to thank everyone who made these couple of months so memorable.

To Gail, her organsing team, and all the participants of the Winter School who co-created such a supportive and inspiring learning community;

To Sanjeev and team for their wonderful hospitality in the Philippines.

To Phil, consultant extraordinaire and long-suffering travel companion for his patience.

To Crosby who went beyond and above the call of duty to make my stopover in Singapore such a pleasant one by masterminding the gathering of the London crew.

To my brothers Peter, Billy, Eddy, their families and my extended family for making me feel so welcome and special.

To all the wonderful new friends I’ve made along the way. Sadly, too many to mention in this short blog. On Facebook, I’ve gone from ‘BNM’ (Billy No Mates) to  ‘LOFBBFF’ (Lots of Facebook Best Friends Forever) in two short months. LOL.

BTW, I came back to an invitation to write the preface for a book and to contribute to another on employability, both by Sage. Wasn’t expecting that!

Here are some images of Ambleside and Boracay I took (during down time, of course), set to a recording made by my daughter on my mac while I was away.

Hope you enjoy it.

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