Transcending worldview

h“We see, what we see” therefore “we know, what we know” and therefore “we are, who we are”. This is what some people mean by the term “worldview”.

Can we ever break out from this psychic prison?

Here’s someone who did just that. With this astude insight, Heisenberg, one of the pioneers of the new science movement, begun the shift from a “linear/scientific” to a “complexity/chaos” view of the world:

“What we observe is not nature itself but nature exposed to our method of questioning”Heisenberg

3 thoughts on “Transcending worldview

  1. So who is the person who has as view? And what is it to be aware? What is awareness? Heisenberg seems to be a relativist. Do all world views differ, being only in the perceptions of the perceiver? What if the Creator of the Universe Who is outside it and inside it and before and after it and so perceives it all as a whole, gives us His view or part of it. Do we then have true truth?

  2. “We see through a glass darkly”, so yes, we have some truth. That’s the point of the blog… not to assume (or worse, impose) what we see dimly is the only way to interpret the truth.

  3. I don’t claim to know anything about quantum physics for which Heisenberg won the Nobel Prize, nor the intricacies of his theory of ‘uncertainly’.

    I don’t know whether he is a relativist. However, what I appreciate is that his work debunks the enlightenment notion that everything (including nature) can be explained and understood through science (not religion) by his proposition that the physical world is, beyond some fundamental level, unknowable.

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