Testing the MacJournal offline blogging software

Hi everyone

I’ve just purchased MacJournal – a software that let’s me write and format a blog on my Mac (offline) before uploading to WordPress. I am eager to see if this works. The developers market McJournal as being able to insert photos, videos, etc seamlessly through iPhoto and iMovie and other osx software.

Here’s literally my first attempt at using it.

Firstly, fonts. You can create your blog in the font of your choosing as opposed to being limited to the WordPress editor. Let’s see… The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog in lucida’s handwriting.

Second, let’s try the ‘drag and drop’ photos from iPhoto feature. Here’s a photo of a dandelion I took on Aperture recently:

‘Fine and Dandy’ photo by P Goh

This photo was dragged and dropped from iPhoto – and it did it instantly. While you can adjust the size of the photo in the editor, the photo always appears large in the blog. In the end, I had to re-edit the size on the WordPress editor, which defeats the purpose of having such a software.

There doesn’t seem to be an option for uploading photos in ‘album’ format, i.e., a number of photos at a time, arranged in pre-arranged style.

Re the photo: In case you are wondering. I placed this dandelion in a small vase, in front of my wine rack. in the kitchen. I then shone a light from the side of the wine rack to achieve the dreamy light effects in the background. The bokeh was down to my Nikon prime lens.

Attaching a URL. Here’s a video from Youtube I particularly like. It’s a clip of Livingstone Taylor (lesser known but equally talented brother of James Taylor) imaging how great it would be if Guitar Playing was an Olympic Event:

(NB: Try as I may, I could not get this Youtube video embedded on the blog. Tried all the solutions suggested in various forums and it still did not work. In the end, I published the blog as a draft and did the embedding on the WordPress editor.)

My first impression of this is not favourable. The ability to include and edit photos and videos in blogs is a basic requirement. If an offline editor can’t do this, I don’t see the point of having it!

If you happen upon this blog, please do leave your comments. If you are a Macjournal user, any hints and suggestions will be most appreciated.

PS: I’ve just noticed a dialogue box appearing on the top right hand corner of the Mac saying that the data has been auto saved. This could be quite useful!


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