A Song for Mission…

A couple of years ago some friends and I decided to combine our love of music and our passion for mission and create a worship song. Steven Sim from Singapore wrote the melody and the rest of us recorded our parts individually, on our computers at home; then we mailed or emailed the tracks to each other and mixed them. We’re really happy with the result and we hope you will be, too.

For a small donation (£1) you can download the mp3 and score of “We Give to You.” All proceeds will go to Jigsaw Kids Ministries in the Philippines, which aims to share the love of Jesus with Manila’s thousands of homeless children.

The more downloads (and donations) we get, the longer we can keep this worthwhile project going. Click now! www.cms-uk.org/song

Thank you!


Jade, Ben, Russell, Wil, Alister and Patrick

Special thanks to:

Steven Sim from Singapore who wrote this lovely song and for allowing us to tinker with the lyrics;

Tom Lockley from Soul Survivor played the drums for us!

Tom Tunney who recorded Jade on his Macbook

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